New and Occasional Writing

Spring 2019

The Self Itself: On Beginning Plato’s Alcibiades I” (.pdf)
Thomasfest Lecture
Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

Summer 2018

Festschrift Dinner Remarks (.pdf)
Cornell Club, New York City

Fall 2015

Convocation (.pdf)
Sarah Lawrence College

Spring 2014

Thinking Through Philosophic Texts: 
On Reading Plato and Descartes on Reading
” (.pdf)
A Tribute to Angela Moger
Sarah Lawrence College

Fall 2014

For the Friend is Another Self” (.pdf)
 Franklin Forum, Skidmore College

Fall 2005

Autobiography: The Logos of the Self” (.pdf)
“Autobiography Across the Disciplines” Conference
Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University

Leo Strauss and Metaphysics” (.pdf)
Comments on three papers at the “Leo Strauss and Modernity” Conference
New School University